Mangochi Diocese Retreat

Diocesan History

Historical Notes:
The Fort Johnston Apostolic prefecture was erected on 29th May 1969.

By then it covered the then Fort Johnston and the larger part of Kasupe (Machinga) District North of Shire River. It was entrusted to the Italian Montfort Missionaries. The late Right Reverend Bishop Alessandro Assolari was appointed first Prefect Apostolic on 18th October 1969. The Prefecture Apostolic was then erected into a Diocese on 17th September 1973. Mangochi Diocese covers the area of Mangochi, Balaka and part of Machinga Districts.

Area Sq. Kilometres:                                        11,385
Population:                                                      1,520,300
Catholics:                                                         247,916
Catechumens:                                                  2100
Full Time Catechists:                                       59
Volunteer Catechists:                                       359
Deaneries                                                         05
Parishes:                                                          24



Starting time for Mass at St. Augustine Cathedral 


English Mass     – 06:30
Chichewa Mass – 08:30 

Monday to Saturday

Chichewa Mass – 06:00

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