Diocesan Directorates


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iocesan Directorates in Mangochi Diocese include the Pastoral Commission, Finance, Investments & Administration Directorate and Social Development Directorate.


Headed by the Pastoral Secretary, with a diocesan pastoral council and a smaller diocesan pastoral team acting as a pastoral board of directors.

The commission is tasked to plan, facilitate, coordinate, all pastoral activities in the diocese through the various pastoral structures in the diocese; chaplaincies, deaneries, parishes, small Christian communities, church groups etc.


Headed by the Director of Finance, Investment and Administration (DOFIA), with the Diocesan Finance Council and the team of secretarial accounting staff.

The directorate is tasked to plan, facilitate and coordinate all finance activities in the diocese and thus includes development of budgets, facilitating trainings in accounting systems/discipline, facilitating audits etc.


Headed by the Director of Social Development, with a diocesan board of directors plus the Secretaries of the social development commissions and staff. The directorate includes the social development departments of the diocese, namely; CADECOM, HEALTH, EDUCATION and CCJP.

The directorate is tasked to plan, facilitate and implement all social development activities of the diocese and these include issues of health, education, justice and peace and issues of development.