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The motto of the organization is light, unity, love and peace.


 “our Lady of Good Counsel”


25th of April and it shall be celebrated in all parishes on preceding Sunday if it falls on a week day

Through Mary our Mother………………. We succeed.


We have our national uniform, made from chitenje cha bungwe la amai achikatolika sewn in a unique CWO style.


Catholic Women Organization (CWO) started in the parish 1st July 1990 but has been in existence since 1965.

The CWO is a religious organization and an umbrella body for all practicing catholic women;it is also one part of the three major arms of the parish. The CWO comprises of catholic women who are dedicated to the service of God, their family and humanity. Members live out their lives in true Christian faith, love and commitment to the norms and teachings of the Catholic Church.

  1. To help each other to aspire to a holy life through the organizations novenas and prayer meetings.
  2. To foster a spirit of cooperation, unity and goodwill among all catholic women irrespective of origin, social and educational status.
  3. The establishment of a cordial relationship with the council of CWO in the Deanery and Archdiocese in order to develop common interest of the entire CWO Nationwide.
  4. To enhance the spiritual, religious, educational, social, cultural and developmental growth of her members
  5. To promote the sanctity and maintain the modesty of a catholic mother.
  6. To inculcate in members the necessity for a life of close association with our mother Mary, this is fostered through penance, humility, almsgiving and constant fervent prayer.
Diocesan CWO chaplain: Fr. Clemence Pindulani
Diocesan CWO chaplain: Fr. Clemence Pindulani



CWO is a lively Organization which forms and molds women both spiritually and morally fit enough to be called Catholic women. Membership is for all female adults. We make friends and also strive towards making heaven after our earthly journey.

President: Mrs. Mary Matipwili
Chaplain: Fr. Clemence Pindulani

May our mother Mary continue to intercede on your behalf as you come under the umbrella in Jesus name! Amen.

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