The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard many people around the global the rich and the poor alike.  The Diocese of Mangochi took an initiative to apply aid from well wisher organizations around the global (Caritas Australia, CRS-Catholic Relief Services, SCIAF- Caritas Scotland and Trocaire) .  The well wishers donated equipment and money to buy basic necessities to help the people . Through the social arm of the diocese Rt. Rev. Montfort Stima distributed medical equipment, Non-Contact Electronic Forehead Infrared Thermometers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and maize to the beneficiaries in different parishes on 19 & 20th August 2020 .

Ulongwe Parish beneficiaries receiving maize.

Utale II Parish beneficiaries receiving maize, oxygen concentrator and shields.

Sisters of Koche and Mulibwanji parish hospitals receiving oxygen concentrators(1&2 pictures from right)

Fr. S. kamanga parish priest of phalula parish receiving oxygen concentrator for Phalula health Centre(3rd picture from right )

Fr. P. Rappozzo parish priest of Koche- Maldeco receiving a non-contact electronic forehead infrared thermometer(4th picture from right)

Fr. R. Mbando  curate of St. Augustine parish receiving a non-contact electronic forehead infrared thermometer (5th picture from right )

Fr. T. Chigamba Director of social arm of the diocese receiving oxygen concentrator of Mpiri parish health Centre(6th picture from right)




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