*By Ellen Nthenda*

Catholic Christians from St Louis (Balaka) Parish in Mangochi Diocese have been urged to embrace self-reliance and help their Church.

The parish priest for St Louis, Fr Louis Nkukumira made the call on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at Inter-Congregational Institute (ICI) in Balaka when he led a retreat for Christians from small christian communities from Sosola Zone.

…Fr. Louis Nkukumila delivering a spiritual talk to congregants

The retreat was held to mark the climax of the parish pastoral team’s visits to families from the zone.

“One of the strategic plan of the Parish is to re-evangelize through visiting every Christian family,” said Fr Nkukumira.

During the retreat, Christians were reminded about the history of the Catholic Church, taught how to live a Christian life and being self-reliant.

Mrs Febie Gracian and Mr Luciano Kunje who spoke on behalf of other members from small Christian communities said they were happy for the team’s visits and retreat as “we were able to express our personal problems which have been sorted out and we are now ready to be committed to the church.”

The pastoral team managed to visit at least 236 families from nine small small Christian communities.

The activity took place between 4th to 7th February this year.


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