2018 First Presbyterium


The rainbow proves Aristotelian philosophy that beauty is relative an abstract fallacy. The beauty of the rainbow lies in the mixture of colours. The rainbow remains an attractive unit for all and at all times. The Catholic Diocese of Mangochi may rightly be called the rainbow diocese because of the diverse priestly vocations that run spread in the five deaneries within the diocese and again amongst the missionary congregations serving in the diocese.
Of recent (3rd March 2018) a gaudy meeting of brothers in priestly ministry regardless of their congregations took place at the bishop’s residence in Mangochi. This has been the first of its kind in the year 2018 where presbyters appreciated the 2018 calendar of events and the diocesan finance budget was scrutinised with such vital areas in the running of the diocese. Being the Year of the Poor that was announced by Pope Francis in the previous year, Rt. Rev Montfort Stima invited all priests in the diocese to energies their efforts to serve the poor and not to mention fellow priests that are going through so very hard times in their serves amongst them.
The past is a pretty avenue to learn from, the present is not just to be lived in anticipation for the future. The past can energies all figurative minds for success if they are considered a syllabus where lessons may be drawn from. In his marks to the presbyters, Bishop Stima cited the successes and failures in the year 2017 such as constructional developments, maintained relations, financial support, the growing mindset of self-reliance, and human resource loss (deaths of priests) to be areas to pick up from.
In a reflective booklet entitled Priests need Priests (Fr. Emile Briere of Madonna House in United States of America mentions the need for clerics from all 1992), walks of life to rely on each other. This is a thing that can only come to pass if time is spared to do come together and share the very basing encounters and livehood in the their ministry. Such meetings are ordinary in all particular jurisdictions and are called for by the local ordinary himself.