World Day for the sick


…blessing patients

The catholic church joins the rest of the world in commemorating the world day for the sick. In the spirit of Jesus cited in the sacred scriptures in his very words of commissioning to the disciple to go and proclaim the good news, teach and baptise and serve, the Catholic diocese of Mangochi arranged for 24thFebruary, 2018 to be a special day for the sick in the diocese (Mk.16:15).

A colourful liturgical function that began with a solemn mass led by His Lordship Montfort Stima took place at Mulibwanji Hospital (Masuku Parish) in Mangochi. The function that was attended by some patients, hospital staff, religious and secular leaders, government officials, Christians and Moslems

…presenting gifts

saw Bishop Stima blessing and praying for patients during the Mass. After the prayer session, a special meal was served to all patients and assorted items were given to patients such as food and sundries. Some patients were bailed out of their medical bills.

Speaking on the occasion, the matron at the hospital thanked the church for having thought of having hospital chaplaincy as an important part in the administration of health facilities in the diocese. ‘This is an indicator of living the gospel’, she said. The activities of this day were organized by the office of the chaplain and an organized team from various stakeholders led by Fr. Ephraim Mkamalisya who is the Hospital chaplain in the catholic diocese of Mangochi.