A Yuruba proverb puts it straight that he who opens a door has the task to make sure it also closed.

Each year, September is identified for the promotion, the possession, study, propagation and translation of Bible activities by Catholics in their lives. On September 1, this year, the mother Church celebrated the launch of Bible Month 2019 across the globe. His Lordship Montfort Stima led in a colourful liturgical launch of the special month at St. Augustine Cathedral in Mangochi.

On concluding the bible activities on September 29 sent out a special message from his cathedra. His message to Catholics in the diocese and all Christians elsewhere, He urged the faithful to continue reading the sacred scriptures, meditating on them and share the Word of God with others.

“Brethren, the Bible Month carries us to the core of the liturgical year as announced by the Holy Father, Pope Francis previously that 2018/9 shall be called Extraordinary Mission Month of October 2019. Mid October this year, we will be commemorating 100 years of a papal document called Maximum Illud written by Pope Benedict XV in 1919 in which he reminds us all of Chris’s Mission to live the gospel and also preach it as demanded of His disciples”.

Basing on the liturgy of the word for the day, Bishop Stima, bemoaned lack of justice in the society especially by the rich, powerful and people with authority over the poor, the marginalised and the powerless. Citing politicians as an evident example who accumulate worth at the expense of their subjects at the same time infringe rights of the plebeian.

Quoting Mother Teresa of Calculta, the bishop said, “each day, lots of people die of hunger, yet a lot more die due to lack of love and injustice”.

However, Bishop Stima called on his congregation to pray in the Extraordinary Mission Month of October through the intercession of the Mary, the virgin mother of God thru whom the Church receives unceasing graces.

“Pray always. Pray the scared rosary everyday and everywhere. Pray in your families and in your Small Christian Communities. Pray your rosary with Mother Mary. Pray always…” He added.

The occasion saw St. Patricks Choir from St. Augustine Parish in Mangochi receiving a trophy from Bishop Stima after merging winners on   2019 Diocesan Choir Festival that took place early September this year.