In an effort to radiate the light of Christ to the youth in 2019, the Youth Animation Team (YAT) in the Catholic Diocese of Mangochi is geared to journey with the youth in a number of activities. The activities are focusing on the spiritual, social economic, biblical and pastoral life of the youth. In response to the 2017-2022 strategic plan for the diocese of Mangochi, the diocesan YAT is engaging an extra gear in coordinating these youth activities in the diocese.
During their evaluation and planning meeting on 15 December at Bishop’s house in Mangochi, YAT members observed that the youth ministry in 2018 lacked some support and commitment from different animators, there was no proper coordination and planning.

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Observation on the ground revealed that the youth in the diocese of Mangochi are lacking commitment and strong motivation to drive their activities. Members realized also that our young people are still lacking enough and proper knowledge of the Bible and Church teachings. Self-reliance is a problem among our young people. The dependency syndrome is still growing and taking root. Some necessary youth structures in the diocese also are weak and dysfunctional. Improper use of technology is also on the rise.

Moving forward to 2019, YAT members realized the need to increase the number of young people who can understand and use the Holy Bible. The ongoing catechesis will also help in the retention of the youth in the church. Deliberate efforts will also be made in 2019 to increase the sense of self-reliance among the youth and the youth groups through entrepreneurship skills.

…youths: a vulnerable species

In an effort to build functional youth structures, capacity building on youth leadership will also be taken seriously in 2019. YAT will also find better ways to ensure that our young people are using technology in proper way. Since internet is becoming the home of our young people, YAT is also geared at using internet as a tool for evangelization in 2019.

There is a clear sign that Mangochi Diocesan YAT is geared at empowering the youth to remain relevant citizens in the society and better young Christians. Through the life of witness and by inspiring their hope, we believe that we can bring out the much needed change in our young people; emphasized Fr. Kondwani Matupa the deputy diocesan youth chaplain of the diocese of Mangochi. 2019 will be the year to build the faith of our young people on a strong foundation, form their conscious and make them aware of their responsibility, Fr. Matupa added.

Bishop Montfort Stima of the diocese of Mangochi always emphasizes that many of our young people today are like the sheep without a shepherd. They need our attention, they need our advice, they need our pastoral care and they need our prayers.