Catholics all over the world, solemnly celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ on December 25th each year. The day has fallen on a Tuesday this time.

...angels sang of and about his birth -Masi

In his sermon at St. Augustine Cathedral in Mangochi, His Lordship Bishop Montfort Stima of Mangochi Diocese reminded all Christians that Christmas is about God’s love and humility expressed fully by the descending of His only Son to become man, live among them, and be their lasting light. However, the bishop taught on that God’s omnipresence has to be felt in Christians’ way of reflective spiritual style of life, cultivated cordial love for Jesus Christ and life influenced by the Decalogue.

The Bishop however, bemoaned lack of faith and hope among Christians in the time of crisis.

...2018 Holy Family from Nsanama Parish.

Citing the three cardinal values; thus faith, hope and love as motivational tenets for Catholics not just in the Christmas Season, Bishop Stima challenged his congregation when he unfolded that some manageable defies of life such as negative impacts of climate change, severe endemics that keep swaying our beautiful world etc… are only diminishing returns of cardinal values patent in unethical styles of life that create the order of the day.

Bishop Stima, however called on all to share their time, resources, and abilities without strings attached. He henceforth wished all Christians a fruitful Christmas. “My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, your festive season will be meaningless if you do not share the little you have with the poor and the less privileged”. He said.

…the manger

The ‘Christmas Festivities’ aren’t fixed to noel day for Catholics. Children are dispensed to celebrate Christmas prior before the actual day. Where possible, Children’s Christmas revelries begin some time before the day; and last on a specific day highlighted on the Roman Liturgical Calendar. Christian families, religious institutions and particular parishes arrange for pre or pro actual Christmas feastday for their kids. Wards come together for a collection of organized activities.

Martin de Porress (Nsanama) Parish is one such a parish that organized pre-Children’s Christmas Celebrations in 2018 in the Diocese.

On 22nd December, children from 22 outstations in the parish converged at the parish to celebrate the nativity of Christ in advance.

Among other things, the children had time for sacrament of rconciliation; high mass led by Fr. Mathew Likambale, the parish priest; parade with Santa Claus; a delicious meal and theater.

Other eccumenical demoninations were awashed with congratulatory messages as t hey asked to partner in next year event.

This year all Chlidren from Catholic families in the Diocese will celebrate Children’s Christmas on 28th December at Koche Parish in Mangochi courtsey of Diocesian Pontifical Missionarary Societies Directorate.