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Bishop Montfort Stima of Diocese of Mangochi in Malawi urges Catholics in the diocese to consider bringing the word of God into their families and lives as a way of expressing their gratitude for the graces God has ushered on them in their lifelong.

Little children! Demand from your parents and guardians for the word of God to be brought into your homes. Parents make an effort to own the book of the sacred scriptures in your homes. Read the ‘word’, listen to it, reflect of it share with your members in the family and most of all demonstrate that the word of God is the living word. Let your lives be transformed. Own the Bible”. Bishop Stima said.

On December 1st 2019 was first Sunday of advent. Traditionally, the marks the beginning of a brand new liturgical year. For a number of years, the Catholic has been dedicating day for those affected by and victims of AIDS. This year, the theme for World AIDS Day is “Communities Make a Difference.” In response to the plea of the episcopal conference of Malawi, particular dioceses celebrated the two events congruently so that all will be healthy in spirit and in body and make a substantial difference in fighting against the spread of HIV/AIDS in our communities and country.

In Diocese of Mangochi, multitudes of Catholics covered a kilometre distance in procession with the Book of the Sacred Scriptures from Mangochi Stadium to St. Augustine Cathedral where a High Mass was celebrated with Bishop Montfort Stima as president.

In an interview with Radio Maria journalist, John Chapola, Bishop Stima said that ‘The year of the Word of God’ is celebrated under the theme ‘The word of God is the path of my life’ psalm 101: 135. In the year the Christians are encouraged to participate in outlined activities related to the word of God which are scheduled systematically and in reflection of the seasons of the year. The church will also provide for study lessons, materials, trainings and many more in its pastoral calendar which will work as aids in trying to achieve the pastoral goals for the bible year.



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