“…never think for the faithful, they are able.” Nkata advises

It is undisputed fact that a good number of the Catholic dioceses in Malawi and beyond are facing financial constraints. Operations therefore are compromised. In a bid to beefing its fundraising committee with skills and knowledge on resource mobilization and financial prudence, laity council executive members from Diocese of Mangochi paid a learning visit to arc-diocese of Blantyre.

…deliberations in course

On 16th March 2019, a team of 10 members from Mangochi Laity Council led by His Lordship Bishop Montfort Stima had an interface meeting with Archdiocese of Blantyre Fundraising Committee. The main subject matter was sharing advanced means of resource mobilization amidst tough economic times.

In his words Bishop Stima clearly mentioned that it is time for the Church to stand as one with a singular objective despite distinctness of jurisdiction and for this reason there is need to start sharing potential avenues of boosting fundraising base amongst dioceses for holistic development of the church.

“The Church is one and Catholic. As such, there is need to know and learn from other parishes and dioceses. Therefore, this visit to Blantyre Archdiocese is probably one way of learning from an extended family,” Bishop Stima said.

Session on: Nkhata contributes

“Before leaving Blantyre, our team will sit down again and come with resolutions on steps to be taken so as to achieve the objectives of this visit. I for one, am optimistic that this timely educational travel will bear fruits and add value to whatever you do as a diocese,” he added.

In his remarks, Blantyre arch-diocese fundraising committee Chairperson, Mr. Peter Nkata, concurred with the Bishop’s sentiments that there is strength in unity. On behalf of this team, Nkata promised overwhelming support and guidance to the Diocese of Mangochi in the realm of resource mobilization.

“Let us learn to help each other.  We aren’t in a competition and therefore there is no champion amongst us. We all are working for the same course and thus to develop our Church, proclaim the Gospel and attain salvation. We henceforth can do what it takes to uplift each other,” said Nkata.  

Later in the day, the Council held another meeting with members of Friends of Mangochi Diocese (Blantyre Chapter). The meeting was meant to horn ‘friends’ on how best they can contribute in the running of the diocese.

Friends of Mangochi Diocese with councils

Bishop Stima thanked them for the support they render to the diocese by patronizing the Diocesan Thanksgiving Day and providing for some needs when there is a call.  He also urged them to cherish the integral and significant initiative in their plans to raise funds for the running of Diocese of Mangochi.

Mai Mwale: Blantyre Chapter Friends of Mangochi Chairperson

From CI Parish in Blantyre City, the council toured Neno Parish, the third oldest Parish in in Malawi. In Neno, the team sought to appreciate the efforts engaged by the parish in order to man itself. Neno parish is earmarked as one of the fastest financially growing parishes in the Archdiocese of Blantyre inspite being so rural.

Neno Parish women’s choir

Diocese of Mangochi has five deaneries, 24 parishes and a population of 217,715 Catholics.