Nankumba Parish



Nankumba Parish is one of the newly established in the Diocese. It was in the year 2000 when late Bishop Alessandro Assolari demarcated north-west part of St. Augustine Cathedral and south-west of Nankhwali Parishes to a new parochial jurisdiction called Nankumba. Nankumba Parish therefore is located north west of Mangochi district.

Nankumba Parish has two mini-pastoral centres namely Nankumba and Nanyanje. Nankumba Centre has  9 outchurches and these being St. John the Baptist (Mbapi), St. Augustine (Funwe), St. Patrick, St. John ( Sosola), St. John 23rd (Chinganje), St. Alessandro ( Nankumba), St. Louis ( Suludi), St. Teresa, St. Luke. The Nanyanje centre has only 8 out-churches and these are St. Anastazia (Kamwendo), St. Francis ( Makunula), St. Mary (Mtiwa), St. Rita (Tsekwere), St. Paul (Chigumukire), St. Peter (Chimvuu), St. Benrandette (Chimbundi), and St. Joseph (Nanyanje).

The parish whole parish population is 5833 Catholics according to Malawi Catholic Directory 2011.

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