Ulongwe Catholic Health Centre


Ulongwe Health Centre is one of the oldest facility in Mangochi diocese. It was established in 1970 and officially opened on 14th August the same year by Fr. Remigio Villa a Montfort missionary with an aim of providing basic medical services to the surrounding communities. Then the facility had OPD and Maternity infrastructure. In 2006, the guardian shelter and antenatal building was constructed with funding from Safe Motherhood.

It is located at Ulongwe along Zomba-Mangochi road in T/A Kalembo`s Area. Its nearest health facilities are Kalembo and Nandumbo Health Centres

Ulongwe Health Centre

run by the government.



Ulongwe Health Centre has a catchment area of 19,220. The furthest distance from the Health Centre is Chikolongo about 12 kilometers.

Ulongwe Health Centre has approximately 16 Beds in Maternity wing. The OPD does not admit or observe the Patients due to lack of Beds though the rooms are there. It provides a number of Health and Medical services on both inpatients and outpatients basis.

Ulongwe Health Centre


Dispensary Room
·         Out Patient department (OPD)
·         Antenatal  care
·         Labour and delivering
·         Post Natal Care
·         Under Five Child Clinic
·         Supplementary Feeding Programme (SFP) and Outpatient Therapeutic Programme (OTP)
·         HIV Testing Services
·         Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) clinic
·         Sexually transmitted infections (STI) clinic
·         Youth Friendly services.

Some of the Staff at Ulongwe Catholic  Health  Centre

Nurse In charge: Francisca Kazembe
Clerical Officer:  Patrick  Kantande
Pharmacy Attendant: Nedson  Joseph

Margret Mwale: A nurse at Ulongwe Health Centre
Margret Mwale: A nurse at Ulongwe Health Centre

There are also two other Nurse Midwife Technicians and one community Health Nurse. 

The rest of the staff  includes:
·         4 Homecraft workers
·         1 driver
·         10 Patient attendants
·         1  Cashier
·         5 Security Guards
·         2  Ground Labourers
·         1  Pharmacy Attendant
·         Laboratory Assistant
·         1  Clerical Officer
·         1  Accounts Assistant
·         9  Health Surveillance Assistants
·         4  Health Workers
·         3  HIV Testing and counseling Counselors

The total number of staff therefore is 49.

The facility has no any means of transport, it has an old Ambulance which is now beyond repair.
For referrals, the facility borrows cars from the Parish Priests.

Ulongwe Health Centre has a housing problem. There are only 6 houses meaning that most of the staff members live outside the compass. Besides that, the houses are old and dilapidated. In addition to this, the houses are small hence can not accommodate big families. 

Ulongwe Health Centre Staff