Katema Parish


The parish popularly known as Katema is under the patronage of St. Padre Pio. The feast day for the parish falls on 23rd september each year. katema parish shares boundaries with mangochi, ulongwe, kapire, koche, nankhwali and nankumba parishes. Statistics reveal that there close 10 thousand catholics within Katema parish alone. as a parish katema has four minor pastoral centres and these are katema, mtimabii, katete and kapako with 20 mission stations and 80 small christian communities.

Katema has been a mission station of mangochi parish from 1976 to 2003 when it was elevated to parish. some of the priests that initiated and served at the station are Late bishop nervi, Frs. Chipala, Santino Chepesi Kalawa, A. Magwaya, P. Rappozo, Phweruwa, Kamanga and currently Fr. Kizito Khauya is the parish priest of the parish.

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